The Botanics

I went to the Botanics in April. Another overcast day, which is pretty good for the close and middle-distance shots, though the Edinburgh skyline beyond the trees was a little hazy.

I’ll be trying to come back here at different times of year to reflect the changes of the seasons, especially in the spring to capture my favourite flowers – daffodils 🙂 (And snowdrops and tulips too, and the bluebells.)


I do like this picture. It’s a great row of benches, with Arthur’s Seat in the distance.


These are Tibetan prayer flags. They are so colourful, and designed to spread good will and compassion on the wind to all. Blue symbolises the sky and space, white symbolises the air and wind, red symbolises fire, green symbolises water, and yellow symbolises earth.


It’s a pity it was such a grey day, it looks as chilly as it was!


This image was a challenge to take and to edit, trying to bring out the detail inside the dark shell monument with quite diffuse but bright light outside. If I had the time I would have used Photoshop to balance the exposure better.


Lovely view of the castle from on top of the hill in the Botanics.

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