Ironmills Park

I grew up in Dalkeith, Midlothian, and my friend lived in Ironmills Park. Her father and uncle converted the old mill into two stunning homes, and we spent a lot of time there. In April we took a wee walk down memory lane, and I took my camera along.

It was mostly quite a cloudy day, though the sun did come out a bit towards the end (which changed the temperature of the pictures – the grass is much more yellowy under direct sunlight!). Mostly ISO 200, some 400 (I was also taking pictures of my toddling niece, so I needed a fast shutter speed!)


Lovely old buildings, the workers’ houses around the old mill.


Dalkeith Water Tower above the trees.


Side view of the back of the mill.


I can’t believe these steps are condemned now – we used to walk up them all the time! They come out on Eskbank Road, next to the water tower.


The top two floors of the mill were my friend’s house. We used to dance in the conservatory 🙂


I like taking pictures of insects on flowers. Especially honey bees.

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