Welcome to my mum’s balcony

My mum has a balcony. It looks north west, over the Firth of Forth and Fife (and more immediately, over a flour mill that dominates the local skyline). There is a lovely mix of buildings, from traditional tenements with turrets to modern flats, and the the dock where cruise ships come in.

Sunsets from here are stunning (even with the flour mill in the way!). The clouds this evening lined up into perfect rays. Unfortunately the clouds continued to thicken, and eventually blotted out the sky, but it was lovely while it lasted.


Lovely sky, not so lovely flour mill!


The clouds are moving quite quickly, changing shape.


The colours are deepening, and the clouds are forming bars.


Chimney pots on the tenements.


I love this one, with the rays of clouds spreading out.


Cranes on the building site silhouetted against the sky, clouds pressing down – in a few minutes the orange would be completely gone.

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