Messing about on the river

We had an interesting afternoon at an open day at the yacht club at Edinburgh Marina, Granton Harbour. I faced many challenges that day, some from a photography point of view, but also my fear of wobbly things! I sadly didn’t manage to overcome my wobbly issues, so queuing on a pontoon for a shot on a speedboat was impossible. However, it gave me lots of opportunities to take photographs on lovely safe, sturdy dry land while my mum and my children went out and played on the boats.

It was a very bright day with a very blue sky, and sunlight reflecting off the water. There were a lot of very vivid colours in the boats, hi-viz jackets and my children’s hair. That made for quite unnatural-looking photographs, and I actually ended up going back to the originals three times to try to edit them to my liking. I think this is the kind of environment that lens filters would have helped with.


I did make it down onto the pontoon, but I couldn’t stay there long! Thankfully my camera was in the car so I used that as a good excuse to retreat to dry land!


My mum took my children out for a spin or two on a speedboat.


The colour of the sky really made the photographs difficult to edit – it looks so unreal (especially as it’s Edinburgh!)


The vivid oranges and reds around the marina made batch editing difficult as well, it was impossible to get a consistent sky colour across all the images.


The harbour wall was really yellow, which was difficult to adjust for, especially with Inchkeith Island in the background.


I think I might make the children wear hats in weather like this in the future when their hair is freshly dyed!


I do like taking action shots of them jumping about 🙂 At least it’s so bright it’s a super-fast shutter speed!


So many swallows, but SO difficult to capture in flight!


This image was such a relief to work on after all the blues! I love the crispness of the teasel against the background, even though the colours are similar.

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