A couple of wet days in May

For the most part, May’s been lovely. Apart from two days where I headed out with my camera with a specific purpose and got caught in the rain!

The first was a walk along to the Shore in Leith to see the swans and cygnets. Unfortunately, they seemed rather unimpressed with the rain too, and mummy swan was snuggled on the nest with all the babies hidden under her. One bold wee chappie did poke out from under the feathers briefly, and I was waiting! The rain got heavier and we retreated to a café, and I took a few photos through the large windows.


Some funnyducks and their eider duckings.


Flappy daddy eider duck.


Who’s that keeking out from under mummy swan?


He’s so fluffy!!


He must be feeling the cold, trying to snuggle back under mum.


Time for a nap until the rain stops.


Daddy swan chasing the ducks away. Slightly tricky balancing the exposure with the light reflecting off the water, the relatively low ambient light, the distance from the shore, and the need for a high shutter speed because ducks and swans just won’t hold a pose!


Sheltering from the rain, the Shore looks lovely from indoors!


I wish I’d planned to take this picture – I would have framed it better! But these soggy people hurried into my shot as I was framing for the whole Shore, and I liked the reflections of their legs in the wet pavement when I was cropping it.

The second trip was supposed to be a walk up and around Arthur’s Seat, but a grey morning gave way to a decidedly soggy afternoon, so by the time I got there I ended up sitting in the car, timing my photographs with the intermittent windscreen wipers! Some of the pictures I was able to take across the car, out of the open passenger window. So not quite what I’d intended to do, but good enough. Clearly I am a fair-weather photographer! These pictures were tricky to edit, the colours weren’t right at all in the wet. There were still a lot of people at the top of Arthur’s Seat though! (But they didn’t have the decency to keep still enough for my slow-ish shutter speeds…)


Parked beside Dunsapie Loch, timing photos through the windscreen wipers – but look how many people are up there in the rain!


Gorse across the loch, taken through the open passenger window.


A rather damp crow. Nice bokeh!


Round the other side, on the way back down. St Leonard’s Hall, Pollock Halls of Residence.


I like this image – I deliberately chose not to crop the wing mirror out! I like the blurred reflection of the road behind me.


The beautiful City of Edinburgh 🙂

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