Old Chain Pier and a cruise ship

I went for a walk with my mum along to the Old Chain Pier to have lunch, and as we were walking along past Newhaven, we were able to watch a cruise ship coming in, guided by pilot boats. We continued to watch over lunch, which led to an interesting photography challenge. We weren’t able to sit at any of the tables by the windows as these were reserved but empty, so we were in the middle of the room. A member of staff sat down at the table in the window and somewhat got in my way, but I persevered! I liked the flowers on the table that were in the foreground of the shots, so I kept those in when I edited the pictures. It was tricky getting the exposure right to show the colours of the flowers without overexposing the outdoor scene, but I think I got it ok.

It was also interesting taking a photograph of Newhaven Harbour from the opposite side to usual.


The cruise ship coming past Inchkeith Island to turn, pilot boats on the way to help.


An unusual view of Newhaven Harbour.


Pilots almost in position.


Turned now and heading into the harbour.


Taking these photographs now from inside the Old Chain Pier.


A speedboat going past Inchkeith Island.


Arty shot of Alien Rock’s churchy frontage, and the flour mill in the background.

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