My mum’s balcony

My mum has a balcony. It looks north west, over the Firth of Forth and Fife (and more immediately, over a flour mill that dominates the local skyline). There is a lovely mix of buildings, from traditional tenements with turrets to modern flats, and the the dock where cruise ships come in.

On this particular occasion I was there at sunset, so these photographs are taken of the stunning sky beyond the flour mill. While it makes for interesting silhouettes, it would be nice if it wasn’t there!

Sunset photographs can be quite challenging, balancing the exposure and the colours, especially as they change constantly as the sun goes down.


The beginning of the sunset, sun still quite high in the sky and behind the flour mill. It moves round as the evening progresses.


A close-up of the distant Ochil Hills, visible over Asda between the mill buildings.


The colours stretch right along the coast.


Reflections on the flats beyond Asda.


The sun moves round as it sets, and appears past the mill buildings.


I love this view.

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