Later that day… downpour!

After taking pictures of the garden birds through the kitchen window, we were treated to an absolute downpour (I say treated – I was safely indoors, but Ewan got caught in it…) The rain was incredible – so heavy and sudden. The tenement across the road had a waterfall running off the roof, and the road quickly became a river. I stood at the front door with as high an ISO as I dared trying to take photographs of the bouncing rain with a fast shutter. The best images were of the rain on the top of the bins. Lovely! ๐Ÿ˜›

The trick with this type of photography is just taking hundreds of photographs and hoping for the best! So many of the pictures didn’t capture the raindrops and splashes. It makes the ones that did look pretty impressive, but I know the reality! It’s only a small proportion that came out as I wanted. Hooray for Adobe Bridge to sort through all the images!


Almost fast enough to see individual rain drops among the deluge.


This is only a few minutes in to the downpour.


Ahhh pretty bin pictures!


Almost impossible to focus well, can’t predict where the drops will splash. I could have used a narrower aperture, but that would have reduced the exposure, meaning a higher ISO and/or slower shutter speed. It’s a delicate balance!


The splashes are like mini fountains or fireworks ๐Ÿ™‚

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