Another day at Cramond…

Cramond is a great place for a walk (it’s even better when accompanied by a bunch of lovely people from Sing in the City!) On this occasion the girls wanted to pose for photographs about the place, so there’s quite a lot of pictures of them this time! It was a sunny day, so it was tricky to place them where they weren’t squinting. Then it clouded over and rained for a bit. Most of the walk is under trees once past the boat club, so lots of variations in light levels, and a greenish tinge to everything.

There was a heron on the far side of the river, and duckings, but yet again I struggled with the 24-105mm lens. I really need something a bit longer if I’m going to keep trying to photograph distant wildlife!


First proper opportunity to practice back button focusing (a new setting on the camera – uses the AI servo to track a moving object). Seems to work quite well.


Looking for shaded areas to minimise squinting, but not so shady that I need a higher ISO!


Slight breeze, stray hairs across her face. Maybe one day I’ll have the time to chuck it into Photoshop and see if I can get rid of them!


Further along, found a lightly-shaded bench. Good spot for another pose!


Chilled 🙂


Dark duckings and dark water, on the other side of the river. The shiny seaweed and the white on the ducks made this rather difficult to edit.


An itchy heron, a bit too far away for this lens. Again, difficulty balancing the exposure with the dark water and seaweed.


Having a play with the black and white presets in Lightroom 🙂


I did try other presets, but decided on the same one for these two pictures.


Lots of different light levels here, and lots of green, but it looks ok.


More tree posing, but in colour this time. Higher ISO here because they’re in a copse, but it’s not too grainy.


Tree hugger.


The cafe had left these amazing glasses out for us – how could I not photograph them! 🙂


One of the SitC doggies on the walk. She posed perfectly for me 🙂

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