A local wander

I’d planned to go further afield today but ran out of time, so I decided to take a walk along to beside where we used to live where there’s a great view of Edinburgh Castle and Calton Hill. I did get some good shots on the way, and on the way back, but unfortunately the trees have grown a lot in recent years and the castle has vanished! I chased a few chaffinches among the trees, but didn’t manage to get any pictures of them, so I had to make do with a wood pigeon and a hoverfly.

I’ll just need to find somewhere else to take pictures of the castle, away from the usual tourist haunts.


These stairs don’t go anywhere. I’ve often wondered who built them.


The only bird slow enough to be photographed today!


This was the best shot I could get of Calton Hill, and Edinburgh Castle isn’t visible at all!


The old drinking fountain at Stedfastgate (with a bit of graffiti photoshopped away)


A mile marker on the cycle path – with appropriate graffiti left in place 🙂


More steps, with a purpose this time.


Unexpected roses. Unfortunately slightly over-exposed so I’ve lost some of the detail in the rose itself. 


Yellow rosebud, pity about the greenfly!


Pretty path.


Tiny toadstool under a patch of nettles.


A hoverfly on some white flowers. He was just taking off as I caught this.


Mature trees in Victoria Park.

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