A wander around Ocean Terminal with a pair of posers.

The girls wanted more photographs of themselves, so we went down to Ocean Terminal to see what we could do. There are some murals specifically designed for people to pose in front of, but unfortunately the best one is right beside the escalators so it’s impossible to frame them fully – either I was too close, or going around to the other side of the escalators, the railing was in the way!

We went out onto the balcony overlooking the harbour where the Royal Yacht Britannia is berthed, but it was too sunny, even in the shade, so the girls were squinting too much, plus they were full of nonsense. I did get a couple of pictures though, then we gave up and went to Costa.


Maybe I should just have used my phone camera to take this shot?


The only way to get the whole mural in was to go to the other side of the escalator, but that brought its own issues…


Out on the balcony, the harbour, Forth and Fife beyond.


Eilidh gazing out to sea…


Mairi looking more towards the Forth Bridges.


The rail bridge is visible from here, in the distance.


A 4:1 cropped picture of Fife.






Lovely windswept picture of Mairi, pity about the stray elbow of the random man behind her.


Eilidh can at least open her eyes fully in Costa!

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