Summer solstice 2017

Well… I was going to go out and take pictures at midnight, since it doesn’t get fully dark here at this time of year, but in the end I just took a few pictures out of my bedroom window! It’s quite a challenging environment, the camera wouldn’t focus on distant buildings without a very high ISO (6400 – as you can see in the graininess of the second picture). I did try using manual focus, but without a tripod it was too blurry. Even with resting the camera on the Velux window edge and using a two-second timer to minimise camera shake, I couldn’t get a clear enough picture. So I gave up and went to bed!

Editing the pictures was also quite difficult, trying to balance the blue tones of the sky and the yellow glow of the street lights on the white buildings, especially as they’d been taken with different settings. I think they’ve come out ok though.



Midnight sky from my bedroom window. ISO 3200, f10, 2.5 second exposure. A bit shaky!


Tried increasing the ISO to the maximum – 6400. f4, 1/5 second exposure. Too grainy though.


Trying to reduce the graininess, using manual focus. ISO 800, f4, 4 second exposure. Not a sharp image.


Still on manual, ISO 800, f4, 5 second exposure, camera balanced on the window ledge, but still shaky.


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