Holyrood Park in June

Another wee walk around at Holyrood, no rain this time! I stayed on the flat though, a quick circuit of St Margaret’s Loch and back over to the Education Centre (where my children were at Young Archaeologists’ Club). There were a lot of swallows around as we walked back across the field, flying really close to us. I stood still to try to get an action shot of one of them swooping past, but it became clear they were following people walking across the grass. We must have been disturbing tasty insects. Once I started moving around a bit, they came closer to me again. Unfortunately that then made it very hard to focus on the wee birdies as they zoomed past. I just about manage to catch one though.

Quite a few of the photographs seemed to be a bit overexposed today, which was a little frustrating when I came to edit them. I’m now using the camera in aperture-priority mode, with back-button focusing using the AI servo (handy for moving subjects, but maybe not so much for landscapes). I used to use the fully manual setting, which gave me control over all aspects of exposure, but it did take a little longer to set up the shots. I can see there are advantages to letting the camera decide the shutter speed, but it does seem to result in overexposure sometimes. Something to work on!


I love this shot, but I’m not happy with the exposure – might need a wee trip through Photoshop to balance the bright outside with the dark beneath the trees a bit. It would make a great mural 🙂


More struggles with the exposure on this one – the water was just too white – I feel it’s a compromise over the detail of the trees beyond with the reflections of the clouds in the sky. I could have cropped it closer to remove a lot of the water, but I wanted the shadows under the trees on the left, and the dangling branches overhead. Can’t have everything sometimes!


St Anthony’s Chapel, taken from below.


A better angle for the loch, not so much white light reflecting in the water (but still a little more than I’d like). 


The city skyline, from the East End of Princes Street to Calton Hill.


The back of Holyrood Palace, with the marquees for the Garden Party.


Looking back towards Arthur’s Seat and the Salisbury Crags.


*Almost* an in-focus swallow! This was the best image I managed to capture, and I tried for a long time!


I wonder if/when my children will ever be able to walk past a line of stones without jumping? 🙂



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