Oooh there was a tall ship!

My mum sent me a photo she took from her balcony this morning of a tall ship. How exciting! I took a wander down the road to see if I could take some decent pictures of it myself (her phone picture was pretty dark). It’s been a cloudy but bright day, the water’s calm, so very reflective. The boat is largely black and white. Not the easiest conditions, I discovered! Nevertheless, I persevered, knowing I would be able to improve on the contrast and exposure in Lightroom later. ISO 100 allowed me fast shutter speeds (around 1/400 sec), so it’s been quite a point-and-shoot day.

I started off on my mum’s balcony, then walked down to beside where the ship was berthed, though security fencing and a building were in the way, so I went into the Ocean Terminal car park and took pictures from the 2nd, 4th and 5th floors. We were having lunch in Handmade Burger Company anyway (end of the school year – woohoo!) and I loved the look of the distant Fife hills between the Royal Navy ship and high-rise flats. We weren’t sitting by the windows though, so I nipped back out to the car park. Unfortunately, even though I didn’t have to go far, the angle changed the view of the hills so much it wasn’t what I was looking for. I did manage to take a surreptitious photograph from within Handmade Burger though that’s come out ok 🙂


HMS Iron Duke


View from the balcony


Sea Cloud II, harbour and Fife beyond


Down on the ground, still can’t see the whole ship…


Round the back, fences in the way, and just as I was about to take the photo this car pulled up and stopped!


Level 2 of the Ocean Terminal car park. I would have liked to have had more of the ship’s reflection in the picture, but I couldn’t crop it to a regular size and keep the dockside clutter out of the image.


Took several attempts to capture an image of the Maltese flag – there wasn’t a lot of wind, so the flag was quite fluttery!


Royal Yacht Britannia on the right, two other boats in front. Again, struggled to crop the clutter out of this, so had to go with 1×1 (I prefer 7×5).


Up on level 4 of the car park now


The three pilot boats that guide larger ships into the harbour


No room for this cruise ship though, so it’s moored in the estuary level with Inchkeith Island


This is the shot of the Fife hills from the car park, but it’s not the angle I was looking for.


This was the view from inside the restaurant – the way the hills line up here is much better (yay parallax). I could have cropped the image closer, but I actually quite like the silhouettes and the lines of the window frames 🙂

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