Oooh how exciting! As a celebration of a Significant Birthday, my mum took us all up to Loch Lomond to go on a luxury cruise so I took my camera too. It was a mostly cloudy day, which was good for exposure, though the hills were a little hazy in the distance, and a wobbly boat wasn’t so good for the framing! I just made sure I took lots of pictures though, to give me plenty to choose from.

When it came to editing and cropping the pictures, there were more decisions than usual to make about things like exposure, colour balance, how much to de-haze the hills, and how to crop the images – whether to leave bits of the boat in, how much water to have in the foreground (very few of the images follow the rule of thirds, because I felt that was too much water) and what ratio to use. I tend to use a 7×5 ratio generally, but for landscapes use 2×1, 3×1 or even 4×1 depending on how dramatic the land is. I used a real selection of shapes and sizes with all the images I had.


Setting off from the harbour, looking back at the mainland and the larger tourist boat.


Distant hills and glens from the luxury seats on top of the boat.


One of the many castles dotted around the shores of Loch Lomond.


There are also jetski tours of the loch.


Very pleased with this image – the jetskier is pretty much in focus as he zoomed past the boat (going in the opposite direction).


Ben Lomond in the background – varying levels of haze.


A big tree in a field.


Another touristy cruise boat, in front of a lovely glen.


Hazy Ben Lomond in the distance.


One of many wee islands in Loch Lomond.


Hazy hills and mountains beyond a forest, with a wee patch of beach at the shoreline.


Another wee beach, and some very hazy mountains.


Another one of Ben Lomond, over the side of the boat.


Sunshine on a distant hill, out the back of the boat with the wake extending behind us.


Arty shot from on top of the boat, looking back over what appears to be some kind of spoiler.


A pretty glen my husband asked me to take a picture of.


Another island.


My sister with the rather grubby boat’s binoculars – good reflections though.


Postcard image of one of the fancy houses that’s probably a hotel now.

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