Gorgie City Farm, July 2017

It was a bit too bright today. There were some clouds, but they were the white, fluffy variety, so didn’t do much to diffuse the sunlight. I really should get around to getting some lens filters and a flash gun. Editing these pictures was tricky sometimes to try to balance faces in shadow with overly bright backgrounds. Still, it’s all a learning experience!

One of the difficulties of course is not having the flexibility to move around animals in pens to have the sun at the right angle, and being unable to ask the subject to move over a wee bit! Good practice though at trying to make the best of sometimes less-than-ideal conditions. The pictures taken indoors too at the “cuddle corner” were a challenge, quite a high ISO, and animals that moved around a lot mean the images aren’t as clear as I would have liked. I couldn’t have used a flash gun even if I’d had one, it could have frightened the animals. So again, making the best I could of the situation.


A circle of pigeons stealing the ducks’ food. I liked the composition of this.


I don’t know what this plant is, but it looks amazing – it looks like the whole pointy hat bit is going to come off. The image isn’t as sharp as I would have liked though.


Pigs smile in their sleep. Quite a dark place for taking pictures, ISO 1600, but a slow shutter speed (1/25th) because the pigs weren’t moving and I was resting my elbows on the gate of the pen.


I love this piggie pile-up! A nice composition.


There’s something about this image that isn’t quite what I want, but I can’t work out what it is! I love the curve of the planters and the trees and rooftops behind, but it’s just not quite right.


I have SO many pictures of out-of-focus bees… they just don’t pose for photos!


I love this one, with the lines on the petals like eyelashes! This one needed to be cropped square for the best effect.


A different bee this time, and equally bad at holding still for a photo!


Indoors here, trying to keep the ISO as low as I could but 1600 with a 1/60 shutter speed just wasn’t right for animals that won’t keep still!


At least snakes don’t move so much, so I just about got away with ISO 1600 and 1/30th second shutter here.


Snakes are awesome 🙂


This chinchilla was really twitchy, but was the only animal to properly pose for a picture – every time I held up the camera, he stopped twitching his whiskers and held completely still! Now if only my daughter could learn to keep her eyes open…

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