It’s the Fringe!

August in Edinburgh is an unusual and busy place, with people arriving from all over the world to take part in the Edinburgh International Festival, and of course the Edinburgh Fringe. Since my husband is responsible for a BAFTA-nominated Edinburgh Fringe Radio Show and Podcast I decided to tag along with my camera to see if I could take better photos than are possible with his battery of camera phones. This year Ewan is recording his show in the rather lovely Rose Theatre , though the dark auditorium and bright stage lights are a bit of a challenge!

Never one to shirk a challenge however, I persevered. Wanting to keep as clean an image as possible, I settled (after much experimentation) on an ISO of 1600, f5.6 and the built-in flash. I did research flash guns, and considered buying one, but with some excellent advice from a lovely man at Calumet I decided to wait and see if it was necessary. We’ll see!


No-one comes to Edinburgh for the weather! I had to take this picture very quickly and get back in out of the rain…


How exciting!


The show’s in the basement…


At least it’s not a dark, scary basement!

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