Edinburgh Fringe – Tuesday 8th August

Tuesday 8th August 2017, download the podcast now!

Another day, another round of guests on the awkwardly-lit stage! The house lights were left on today as well, so the backs of the audience are a bit too visible for my liking, but hey – at least we had another actual audience! Also, the table and chairs on the stage were set slightly further back today, which I don’t think was as good under the lights.

Anyway, today’s guests were: Americana Absurdum Productions, Enterprise; Tara Robinson, Gutted; Robert Dawson Scott, Assessment; Gary, Kevin, and Anya, Funbox at the Fringe. A selection of photos of these guests, as well as a sneak peak from the first interview for our daughters’ podcast takeover day, are below. All images taken (well, those that were any good!) are available under fair use Creative Commons to download from my Flickr page.


Americana Absurdum Productions


Still plenty of empty seats… (and tickets are free!)


Ewan takes the opportunity during the musical interlude to chat to the entire audience.


Tara Robinson


Robert Dawson Scott


Gary, Anya and Kevin


Gary can’t resist playing, and everyone joins in a verse and chorus of You Cannae Shove Your Granny Aff the Bus.


The power of The John Robertson!


Five minutes with our children and he’s seriously questioning his life choices…

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