Edinburgh Fringe – Thursday 10th August

Thursday 10th August 2017, download the podcast now!

Today’s show has a slightly different feel, with two of the shows represented being theatre pieces tackling rather sombre subjects. With the other two slots taken up by a veteran impressionist and a show set in an Asylum, it was definitely a mixed bag. With 3,000 shows to choose from though, that’s not surprising.

Coming in to talk to us today were: David William Bryan, Trashed; Jan Ravens, Difficult Woman; Rebecca Johannsen, Women At War; Phil Nichol and Kirsty Newton,
The Asylum. Links to all these shows, plus today’s recommendations from iFringe and Broadway Baby are on the podcast page linked above, and all of today’s images are available to download under fair use Creative Commons from my Flickr page.


I liked the way Ewan had hung his headphones on his mic today – it made a good photo 🙂


Since I was feeling arty I decided to get a shot across his workspace too.



David William Bryan with his show “Trashed”, in which he drinks 6-8 cans of cider every day as part of the characterisation.


Rebecca Johannsen was excited to see us, and took a selfie 🙂


“Women at War” is a very moving piece, but also respectful and heartfelt.


Phil Nichol and Kirsty Newton’s show “Asylum” is set in… an asylum!


Jenny appraises Kirsty’s knitwear, at Ewan’s request (listen to the podcast for why!)


I like the symmetry of this image. 

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