Edinburgh Fringe – Friday 11th August

Friday 11th August 2017, download the podcast now!

Well… today’s show couldn’t have been any more different to yesterday’s! We had actual audience members again today – including someone who actually listens to the podcast! He really enjoyed being there for a recording, he likes the podcast, but felt that being there live was even better (remember folks, tickets are free from any Fringe box office! The show is recorded as live 12-1pm, Monday to Friday at the Gilded Balloon at the Rose Theatre on Rose Street). We also had an amazing circus performer in, and Ewan being Ewan got him to get on his unicycle on the stage (which happens to have a rather low ceiling!) He didn’t believe Ewan at first, and thought it was just “for radio”, but Ewan is Ewan so nothing is ever what anyone expects! There is a rather nice series of photographs, though I was struggling with the camera a bit – it was taking a long time today to save photos so I kept getting “busy” notices when I was trying to take the next picture. Also, I need to work on being more aware of obstructions, having taken quite a few photographs before realising that the unicycle was obscured by the hat of one of the audience members!

Anyway, today’s guests were: Ross & Josh, The Not So Late Show; Jamie Eastlake from Eastlake Productions, who has seven shows at the Fringe, Your Ever Loving, This Is Not Culturally Significant, Vines, Harry, Jelly Beans, Hidden, Ladies Who Lunch; Sam Goodburn, Dumbstruck; Courtney Powell, Fruity And The Tweet. Courtney will be taking over from Jenny on Monday and Tuesday next week as guest host, so it was nice for the baton to be handed over live on air. As always, a selection of photos are below with the full set being on my Flickr page and available for fair use under Creative Commons. There are also a selection of photographs from Eilidh and Mairi’s interview with the cast of Prom Kween, which will appear in their podcast takeover show.


Ross and Josh chat pre-show while Courtney and Jenny get to know each other.


Ross and Josh. Not Ross and Joss, or Rosh and Josh, despite Ewan’s verbal stumblings.


I don’t know either.


Jamie Eastlake, whose name Ewan also got wrong…


It was interesting to get a producer’s perspective on the Fringe.



Sam Goodburn. I really was dumbstruck. Especially when Ewan asked if he had his unicycle with him.


Realising Ewan is serious about getting the unicycle on stage.


Checking out the low ceiling.


He reckons he can do it…


It’s going to be close, Sam’s 6’3″!


Success!! And Ewan has him failing to quote really bad Shakespeare…


Courtney’s turn as a guest before taking over the co-host reigns on Monday.


Mostly this was giggling.



After the radio show it was a short jaunt up to the Udderbelly Cowgate so the girls could interview the cast of Prom Kween.


Rubbish setting for both photographs and audio recording, but hey ho, it’s the Fringe!

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