Edinburgh Fringe – Monday 14th August

Monday 14th August 2017, download the podcast now!

In a change to our regular surroundings, today we found ourselves in the theatre bar of the Rose Theatre, since the basement theatre had long-been pre-booked for a show rehearsal. While the others enjoyed the sight of windows and sunlight, I muttered and grumbled about back-lighting and there always being backs to the camera. Nevertheless, I persevered and took a LOT of photos! This was particularly important for one of the sets of guests that comprised four people, all of whom rather inconsiderately chose to blink at uncoordinated times. As always, a selection of photographs are posted below, with all the photos I’ve taken during the Fringe available to download for fair use under Creative Commons from my Flickr page.

Today’s guests were: Stuart Goldsmith, Like I Mean It and The Comedian’s Comedian Podcast; Guillaume Pigé, The Nature Of Forgetting; Captivate Theatre, AnnieSweeny Todd and Les Miserables; Matthew ‘Ffloyd’ Jones, Richard Carpenter Is Close To You. Today also saw the debut of the new co-host, Courtney Powell, and we don’t *think* Ewan scared her too much, so she should be back tomorrow!


Starting with another arty shot 😛


Stuart Goldsmith starts us off (and nearly wrecks the studio!)


Grrr! I’m like the poster on the wall!


Stuart attempting some kind of Vulcan mind meld with Courtney


Host/co-host banter.


Guillaume Pigé


Ewan always makes people laugh


A small selection of the cast from a number of Captivate Theatre shows


Managing to fit everyone in shot, even though Courtney has to have her back to me!



There has been a lot of big arm gesturing – this’ll have to stop when we go back down to the basement tomorrow!


An attempt at a different angle, which didn’t quite work


Matthew Jones, not entirely sure what Ewan’s up to…


More tall gestures


More grrr


Glad it’s all over!

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