Edinburgh Fringe – Wednesday 16th August

Wednesday 16th August 2017, download the podcast now!

Today’s been an interesting show, with one guest arriving with a stack of large photographs and then proceeding to demonstrate with actions how to escape from various “stuff”! I was glad I was there to document this visually… I’ve not really talked about the technical side of stuff during the Fringe photography. One of the things I’ve been finding a little restrictive is the flash recharge time. After much pre-Fringe deliberation I decided not to buy a Speedlite, and just see how I got on with the built-in flash. It’s been acceptable, the theatre lighting isn’t ideal for portrait photography, but I’ve managed to get down to ISO400 so there’s minimal grain. I do think I’m missing a few good shots waiting for the flash to recharge, but I’m still capturing plenty of good stuff.

Anyway, today on the show we had: Elf Lyons, Swan; John Pendall, How To Escape From Stuff; Joe Sellman-Leava from Worklight Theatre, Fix; Anya Anastasia, Rouge Romantic. Today’s one-day-only guest co-host was Tom Stade. As always, a selection of photographs are below, with the full Fringe collection in one massive folder on my Flicker page. These photographs are available to download for fair use under Creative Commons.


Elf Lyons clearly wondering what she’s let herself in for as Tom Stade and Ewan introduce the show and indulge in a bit of banter!


Tom is highly unpredictable, but so’s Elf so all was good!


Elf accidentally bought a lobster costume, and now Tom wants one too!


John Pendall has a great idea for a radio interview…


… photos and miming!


Just as well I was there with the camera to help it make some sense 😛


Joe Sellman-Leava realising he’s met Tom before!


Overly interested in the reviews and recommendations section…


Oh yes?


Anya Anastasia was very giggly.


Grand gestures…


More co-host banter.

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