Edinburgh Fringe – Thursday 17th August

Thursday 17th August 2017, download the podcast now!

Don’t blink! It’s sunny and warm today, so make the most of it because the rain will be back tomorrow! It did give me the opportunity to take a few photographs after the radio show though, as we enjoyed lunch sitting outside on Rose Street. Then I couldn’t resist taking some photographs from down in Princes Street Gardens, with some cracking blue skies over the castle.

Joining us today on the show were: Diane Chorley, Rhythm Of Live; Deadpan Theatre, Third Wheel; Grant O’Rourke, Jockey Wilson Said; Rob Auton, The Hair Show. In addition, we had some audience members again (and we didn’t know any of them!) so with the full cast of Third Wheel in, the theatre looked almost busy! 🙂 Now you can enjoy a selection of the day’s photographs below, and then head over to my Flickr page to see the rest (today’s, and the hundreds of other photos I’ve taken during the Fringe run).


Mitch Benn’s second and final day as co-host


Diane Chorley and her mute guitarist


She performed a number for us


Impressive final high notes


The cast of Third Wheel from Deadpan Theatre


There were so many of them they had to all stand and share mics


They performed a montage duet


Look! Bums on seats!


Grant O’Rourke, good to have a Scottish voice on the show 🙂


There’s only so much I can comment on photos where the guest barely even gesticulates while talking 😉


There was a lot of laughter though.


Rob Auton – not a Dr Who baddie


Not surprised he needs to restrain his hair while talking animatedly!


He read a poem from his forthcoming book


There was more laughter


A lovely view from a rather nice eatooterie on Rose Street


The castle from Princes Street Gardens


The back of the church at the West End, with arty sun flare.

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