Edinburgh Fringe – Friday 18th August

Friday 18th August 2017, download the podcast now!

Apologies to anyone who’s been waiting for this post – I didn’t manage to get it done over the weekend so here I am on Monday morning trying to get it finished before heading off to the Rose Theatre to start the final week of show photography!

Another busy show day today, though I do wish Ewan’s red shirt didn’t flare so much under the theatre lights! I think overall though the photographs are improving as I try new things – particularly standing on the seats in the third row rather than sitting at the back and zooming in. This has been giving better quality images, though they’re still not as crisp as I would like because of the lighting conditions, and having to use the built-in flash. I could have used a remote flash gun, but I’m not convinced it would have been significantly better. The main difficulty of the pop-up flash is that it runs off the camera battery and can take a good few seconds to recharge, so I miss dramatic pose opportunities!

Anyway, on the show today we had: Michael McKell and Maggie Ward, Creatives; Andy and Eve Pearson-Wright, Giant Killers; Demi Lardner, Look What You Made Me Do; Madeline Hanson, UCL Comedy Club: After The Watershed. Massive thanks in particular to Madeline who just happened to be in the audience and stepped in at the last minute when we were deficient to the tune of one guest. As always, there’s a selection of photos below, and several hundred from the Fringe run over on my Flickr page. All my images are available for fair use under Creative Commons.


Michael McKell and Maggie Ward enjoying the host banter at the top of the show


Mitch starts us off with a song (live, because Ewan deemed the original too sweary!)


Dramatic Pose!


I particularly like the way I have so skilfully caught Michael McKell’s fingers along Maggie Ward’s shoulder 😉


Andy and Eve Pearson-Wright, forcing Ewan to discuss football


Not sure what else I can say about these pictures!


I like capturing everyone smiling – not always easy with several faces to capture, one of which is usually talking


Demi Lardner – tiniest guest so far!


Tricky pictures these, her hair was often across her face, so I had to move about to try to get good clear pictures of her


Guffaws are great!


Hero of the minute, Madeline Hanson, who stepped in when the final guest didn’t. Getting a quick briefing from Mitch


A brief description of her show while Ewan quickly googles it for supplementary questions!


Her show is improv, and Mitch started out in Improverts…


… so Ewan takes suggestions from the audience and demands an on-the-spot song!

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