Edinburgh Fringe – Monday 21st August

Monday 21st August 2017, download the podcast now!

For one day only – guest co-host Dan Lentell! We also said a fond farewell to two audience members who have been with us for three days. Fans of the podcast, they made sure they came to the show during their brief visit to Edinburgh. We had three guests today rather than the usual four, so there are fewer photos as a result. Nothing particularly remarkable to comment on about today’s photography, other than perhaps the difficulty of capturing facial expressions among copious facial hair!

Today’s guests were: Apphia Campbell, Woke; Lucy Roslyn, Goody; Wil Greenway, These Trees The Autumn Leaves Alone. A selection of photographs are below, with the full set now a rather large collection on my Flicker page. All images are available to download for fair use under Creative Commons.


Dan’s last-minute homework and startled expression, but Aaphia Campbell was ready for a picture!


I love this image.


Aaphia celebrating her Fringe First


Much laughter – Aaphia was very giggly 🙂


Lucy Roslyn, discussing how she’s been studying chimps in order to play one authentically


Initial response to Ewan’s request for a demonstration of her chimpiness


Her chimp sounds are incredible.


Wil Greenway has a dinosaur on his pocket!!


And flamboyant potato socks!


I *think* he’s smiling… it’s hard to tell under the hair


Wistfully thinking about the No. 11 tramline…


Something small


Something big

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