Edinburgh Fringe – Wednesday 23rd August

Wednesday 23rd August 2017, download the podcast now!

What a full-on show we had today! Jon’s face was far better behaved today, though he did point at two guests, which I don’t think is particularly good manners… When guests come up to the stage they have a choice of two seats, one nearer to the door and the other closer to the hosts. All of today’s guests were particularly brave and all voluntarily sat in the chair next to Jon. It was a much easier angle to take photographs from, though the microphones are always annoying! I am really enjoying the challenge of taking these photographs, despite the difficult lighting, the slow flash recharge time, and the obstructive microphones. I’m looking forward to improving what I can do for next year so those photos will be even better!

Today’s brave guests were: Dylan Cole, Blank Tiles; Catriona Knox, Adorable Deplorable; Jay Lafferty, Besom; Donald Shaw, Scotland’s Wild Heart. A rather large selection of photographs are below (thanks to the many faces of Jon Jacob), with the full collection on my Flickr page. All these images are free to download for fair use under creative commons.


Final preparations before the guests arrive


Jon’s ready to get stuck in to today’s guests! Hopefully not literally…


Dylan Cole was a smiley chap, though being all in black he did rather fade into the background!


There was a lot of laughter


First shocking rudeness from Jon


Catriona Knox, much happier here than in the shed last year!


The laughter continued


I’ve run out of things to say again!


I love her trousers


Jon’s face needs rebooted again…


Not sure where he’s wandered off to this time


Jay Lafferty, with a show called “Besom”, which confused both Jon and Ewan


(I know the word besom only too well, as I may have been called it once or twice as a child!)


Wave to the camera! (Except they had to keep waving awkwardly until the flash recharged…)


Another moment of unexpected rudeness from Jon


I don’t know either


Donald Shaw, another lovely Scottish accent on the show


Quietly expressive hands, as you would expect from a musician


I had to come round the corner a bit to capture his smile!


Engrossed 🙂


Jon checks out the information about Scotland’s Wild Heart


Always finish with a good laugh

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