Edinburgh Fringe – Monday 14th August

Monday 14th August 2017, download the podcast now! In a change to our regular surroundings, today we found ourselves in the theatre bar of the Rose Theatre, since the basement theatre had long-been pre-booked for a show rehearsal. While the others enjoyed the sight of windows and sunlight, I muttered and grumbled about back-lighting and … Continue reading Edinburgh Fringe – Monday 14th August

Edinburgh Fringe – Sunday 13th August

Well, we don't record the radio show at the weekend, so today's link is to our children's interviews. In the past they only covered children's shows, but they're teenagers now, so download the podcast now to hear which shows they particularly liked. Since we weren't in the Rose Theatre today, I took the camera out … Continue reading Edinburgh Fringe – Sunday 13th August

Edinburgh Fringe – Monday 7th August

Monday 7th August 2017, download the podcast now! Ok, so it's not easy to take good, clear photographs of people on a brightly-lit stage from the middle of a dark auditorium when they're talking and partially obscured by microphones! Nevertheless, I gave it my best shot... Today our guests were: Seymour Mace, Magical Ship *ahem* Cakes From … Continue reading Edinburgh Fringe – Monday 7th August