Garden birds and a play with the tripod

Ah-hah! A new, sturdier tripod for my birthday! The fancypants camera was just too heavy for the old one 🙂 To try it out, I set it up in the kitchen and waited for the birds to come down to the feeder. The wood pigeon didn’t come to visit, but I did see a blackbird, some starlings and a bluetit. Sometimes we get robins and sparrows too, but not today.

The tripod is good, but fast-moving birdies isn’t the best use for it! When I get around to getting neutral density filters I’ll use it for long-exposure shots in watery places, and maybe stars and stuff if I ever work up the motivation to go out at night! Not in the summer though, definitely an autumn/winter project that one 🙂


A nosy starling.


I think the blackbird’s seen me too.


A bit of a ruffled bluetit. Not the clearest picture, these wee ones don’t stay still for long! Also, it’s cropped quite close. If I ever get a longer lens, that would help!


Another starling (they often come in groups of three, the others wait on the gate).


Not quite a fast enough shutter speed to capture a crisp action shot, but not too bad…

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