Edinburgh Fringe – Friday 25th August

Friday 25th August 2017, download the podcast now! It's the final podcast, do do doo doooooooo, do do do do doooooo! Another full-on show today, with five sets of guests again - squeezing them all in before the Fringe finishes! Today was the final live recording, so the last set of photographs, though there will … Continue reading Edinburgh Fringe – Friday 25th August


Edinburgh Fringe – Wednesday 16th August

Wednesday 16th August 2017, download the podcast now! Today's been an interesting show, with one guest arriving with a stack of large photographs and then proceeding to demonstrate with actions how to escape from various "stuff"! I was glad I was there to document this visually... I've not really talked about the technical side of … Continue reading Edinburgh Fringe – Wednesday 16th August